Arch packages for Minecraft

This repository contains build scripts (PKGBUILDs and their generation scripts) to use Pacman as a Minecraft version manager.

Packages are separated into minecraft-xxx and minecraft-assets-xxx, because the later is huge and takes a long to package, and is also optional for some users.

I made a generator in C to fetch version JSONs and convert them into partial PKGBUILDs and launcher.gen files.

This repository does not contain any launchers. Instead, it exposes some variables from the manifest to launchers through launcher.gen files. Launchers should source them to run the game (see launcher as an example).


  1. Compile the generator and generate PKGBUILD.gen and launcher.gen: ./switch 1.18.1

  2. Bulid and install the Minecraft package: cd mc; makepkg

  3. (Optional) Build and install the assets package: cd assets; makepkg

  4. (Optional) Build and install the fabric package: cd fabric; makepkg

Whenever you need to build a different Minecraft version, do the steps again (changing the arguments of ./switch will cause it to generate new build files).

Tested versions

MC Assets Fabric Working
1.18.1 Y Y Y
1.18 Y Y Y
1.17.1 Y Y Y
1.17 Y N Y
1.16 N N Y
1.15 N Y Y
1.14 Y Y Y
1.13 Y N Y
1.12 Y N Y
1.8 Y N Y
rd-132211 Y N Y

Note that for versions <= 1.12, you need Java 8 instead.


After install the minecraft-fabric-xxx package, you will have Fabric jars in the same directory as Minecraft jars, and they will be added to the classpath (but not used). If you want to use Fabric, source the launcher.fabric.gen after sourcing launcher.gen. It will set necessary environment variables (e.g. MAIN_CLASS) for you.


Forge support

Rewrite argument processing

Provide a JSON as well

Known issues

Assets folders cannot be shared across versions (i.e. you must have a dedicated assets folder for each asset version).

Compatibility with legacy versions that do not include -cp in their manifest.

Some arguments are not supported.


Thanks to my friends' help.

Minecraft itself is a proprietary software. Its files subject to its EULA and are not included in this repository.

The build scripts are licensed under GPL v2.